Backstretch Dorm

Scope: 6000 s/f, Commercial Topping with Fortify Wear Surface. Acousti-Mat 1/4

Electric Works

Scope: 11,000 s/f, Level-Crete, Leveled old factory floor for new tenant.

Grocery Store Cooler Infill

Scope: 4,000 s/f, Level-Right infill where coolers removed. Aquafin SG2 moisture Mitigation

Irving Green

Scope: 29,000 s/f, Commercial Topping with Thermal Chem Clear Epoxy

Ivy Tech Fall Creek Expansion

Scope: Level-Right over old damaged concrete and sleeper system.

Primrose School

Scope: 12,000 s/f, Level-Crete, MVP One Primer, Smooth out excessive irregularities/unlevelness in concrete slab.